USA 1776-1900

The modern history of USA starts with the beginning of the American Revolution (starting 1775). At this point, USA were still just 13 colonies on the east coast of America under British overrule. One year later these colonies proclaimed their independence, and finally became a nation in 1781.

By the year 1789 George Washington (formerly a general during the revolution) was elected the first president of USA. By 1803 USA purchase vast amount of territory west of the colonies from France. This is known as the Louisiana Purchase. Florida is bought from Spain in 1819. The former Republic of Texas is added to the USA in 1845. This was closely followed by the Mexican – American war (1846 – 1848). At the same time the entire west coast of modern America was added to the republic, leading to the Californian Gold rush.

In 1861 civil war breaks out over the question of slaves. The war goes on until 1865, even though slavery officially was abolished in 1863. At the same time (1862) the Homestead act was passed, now promising 160 acres of land to anyone who would use it, this leads to the great immigration flow of the late 19’Th century.

During the 1860, as a response to the abolishment of slaves the KKK was formed. As a response to this again the civil rights act of 1875 banned KKK as a terrorist group and gave civil rights to black people. This was a long step from the slave based society that had existed no less than ten years earlier. This time was also a time of enormous economic growth for the USA, though unfortunately most of it ended up in the pockets of the land lords, plantation-, factory- and mine- owners. Mark Twain wrote about this time, calling it the Gilded age. In 1867 the USA buys Alaska from Russia.

• Formation of the united states of America (1776 – 1789)
o The thirteen colonies revolt in 1775
o Proclaims independence in 4. July 1776
o Becomes a nation in 1781

• Westward Expansion (1789 – 1849)
o George Washington becomes Americas first president in 1789
o The Louisiana purchase adds more territory to USA
o Florida is added in 1819
o The former republic of Texas is added in 1845
o Mexican – American war 1846 – 1848
o West coast area is added from 1846 to 1848
o Gold rush in California beginning in 1848

• Civil war era (1849 – 1865)
o Civil war breaks out in 1861
o Slavery abolished in 1863
o Homestead act is passed in 1862 – 160 acres of land

• Reconstruction and the rise of industrialization (1865 – 1890)
o Civil Rights for black Americans
o KKK 1860s
o Civil rights act of 1875 – banning KKK – terrorist group
o Gilded age – Mark Twain
o USA Buys Alaska from Russia – 1867

• Progressivism and imperialism (1890 – 1913)
o Henry Ford starts assembly line production in 1913


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